Camex Tak 40 Oil

Camex Tak 40 Oil


Performance Level Proprietary Grade
Pack Size 10 Ltr
Pack Type Bucket, Can, Bottle, Pouch
Condition new
Form Liquid
Usage/application Industries, Automotive

This compound is recommended for use in open gears working under  heavy and stock loads under varying operating conditions

Performance Benefits

  • Selectively chosen solvent enables the compound to get applied to gear teeth surfaces evenly
  • The solvent evaporates and a film is formed on the metal surface, which does not get squeezed off even under severe working conditions
  • Sustains heavy and shock loads encountered during usage

Health and Safety
These oils are not hazardous under normal conditions of use. For further guidance appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet may be referred.

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Technical Specifications

Characteristics IS 1448 Typical Figures
Appearance -- Black
Density @ 15°C, gm/ml P:16 0.9678
K.V at 40° C, cSt P:25 1582
Flash Point, (COC), °C P:69 204
Copper Strip Corrosion Test at 100°C for 3 hrs. P:15 1a
Timken OK load, lbs -- 45

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